Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Dog Days

Well, our life has changed a bit in the last week. Actually it's changed a lot. Geeze, that makes it sound like we had a kid or something. Just for the record - we didn't.

We did get a puppy though. Some friends of ours found her and rescued her. When they couldn't find a family to claim her, they decided to find her a new place to live. So Hubby and I went to meet her, fell in love and brought her home. So meet Izzie - our sweet chow mix.

And the last five days with her have been quite an adventure. Fortunately she's very well behaved - except when she's bored, which isn't often but has happened twice now. She's managed to eat/chew a couple things when we had to leave her at the house, one of which we had to force her to regurgitate. But I suppose that's just a day in the life of a dog owner, now isn't it?

At least she's housebroken already, doesn't mind sleeping in her kennel (though we haven't gotten to the point of shutting her in it yet), stays downstairs, hasn't chewed any furniture and doesn't mind kids or other dogs all around here.

We're already quite fond of her, and now that the vet's given her a clean (mostly) bill of health we're excited to be a little family of three.

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