Saturday, October 4, 2014

{Day Four} :: The Long Line of Motherhood

Sometimes - especially in the newborn days - motherhood can feel isolating. In those moments, it's good to remember I'm part of a long line of women who have done this before and will do this again, leaving their mark on the world one child at a time.

Long-Lost Photos Show What Hasn't Changed About Motherhood in 50 Years (Huffington Post) 

Friday, October 3, 2014

{Day Three} :: Timing

New Mom Lesson #3: Life with a baby seems to be all about timing sometimes. And often it's working against you!
In the earliest of days, timing was about when to feed the baby, which always seemed to happen most often during the hours best suited for a grown-up to sleep. And it was also about timing the opening of a wet diaper and the throwing on of the dry one, so the baby's third outfit of the day doesn't get caught by any leaks.

Now it's about getting the baby down for a nap before she's too tired but just tired enough.

It's also about the messy diaper that happens mere seconds after you changed a wet one (which I suppose is better than the alternative of the mess that would be made if you didn't get the clean diaper on in time!).

And it's about the downpour that pops up as you're walking out of the grocery store on the only day of the week it was supposed to be sunny. And you're carrying the baby while juggling a bunch of bags. And you have no umbrella. So you throw a paper bag over her head and whisper a prayer of thanks that you're going straight home where you can change out of the jeans that will get sopping wet as you lumber to the car like a pack mule.

Maybe one day I'll get timing right. Or perhaps I'm destined to work against the clock for the rest of my life.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

{Day Two} :: Good Gifts

New Mom Lesson #2: Your idea of good gifts drastically changes when you've worn yoga pants for five weeks straight and sleep is caught in 90 minute increments.

Just over a month after Baby Girl came into the world, the sun rose on my 28th birthday and a few days later I stumbled sleep-deprived and bleary-eyed into my first Mother's Day.

All I wanted was a shower to start the day (and maybe to end it too) and a few minutes to enjoy a latte without someone spitting-up on me. I'm pleased to report that I got both.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

{Day One} :: The Beginning

So here we are. The first day of October. The beginning of the annual 31 Days writing challenge. I may be crazy to try to take it on this year, but I could stand to exercise this part of my brain. 

You see, nearly six months ago, as April was just getting its start, I became a mom. A tiny human stampeded into our little lives, crushing every bit of what I thought I knew in the process. 

Perhaps that's New Mom Lesson #1: before kids, you think you know everything about how to have them. Then you walk out of the hospital with a tiny bundle, wondering why the security guard isn't rushing to stop you and realizing you just might have no clue what you're doing. 

Anyway, throughout October I'll stop in this little corner of the world and share something I've learned in these last months. 

This particular 31 days isn't likely to be insightful or inspiring. Some thoughts will be serious, though most will be silly. All will be short and sweet, because let's be honest - that's all I can manage on a new mom's brain. 

But if you are a fellow new mom, or a mom of littles, I hope you can read these things, nod your head, perhaps chuckle a little, think Yep, me too! and know you aren't alone. 

If you've been a mom a while or maybe your littles are all grown up, I hope you can remember what it was like to be in my shoes (maybe offer some words of wisdom?) and look back on those days fondly. 

Alright, ready? Here we go. 


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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


My brother comes back from Africa in 25 days.

It's hard to believe we're at this point. Eight months have passed since he left. Eight months. Already.

The day I anticipated so much back in October is nearly here. And now that it is, I can't help but feel nervous.

A lot of life has been lived by both of us in the last eight months. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt we're both infinitely different people.

I am a mom. I have a daughter. I am responsible for sustaining, supporting and shepherding a life.

He has had experiences I can only imagine. And he's now a man living between worlds and cultures - not quite fully at home in either one.

It's easy to picture a reunion between the two people we once were. Meeting as the people we are now is an adventure into the unknown.

That's what makes me nervous. It is a constant battle to fight off the idealized version of the moment he comes home (home - a funny word to use here, for will he really be home?) simply because that version is based on what I know. It's based on remaining the same.

When I try to picture the moment with who we are now, the image is fuzzy and - in some places - dark.

I'm not one to love venturing into the darkness. But I suppose I've done that countless times in the last eight months: pregnancy, labor and delivery, parenting a newborn. So I'll take this adventure firmly rooted in the knowledge that we are still, at our core, the same as we were.

We are family, bound together through blood and, even more importantly, our common foundation in Christ. And if for no other reasons, the meeting again will be so sweet.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Days of Seeing

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite writers put down some words that I haven't been able to shake.

"Sometimes I write because I have something to say. Other times I write because I want to remember how to see." 
- Emily Freeman, Writing and the Art of Being Together

When we learned we're expecting, I thought I would be able to fill volumes. Instead I'm finding I have precious little to say in this season of pregnancy. But oh, how much there is to see. 

And the seeing has been surprisingly personal.

It's happened in fits and starts - in stolen moments spent in the fading light of the evening sun, in the bustle of nursery preparations and in the stillness of the night as I lie awake for what feels like the umpteenth hour. 

It's happened on the pages of a journal written for my daughter. 

It's happened in the deepest recesses of my newly forming Mama heart. 


Five and a half years ago, I stood next to my best friend and promised my heart to him. Every day since has been spent putting flesh and blood to the bones of the words engraved in our wedding bands - sincerely yours. 

In just about 16 weeks, this sweet life we've been living together will change forever. With so much hope and joy, we eagerly await the day we meet our little girl.

But in the meantime, I'm drinking in these moments with my husband.

I'm chasing away thoughts of our to-do list in favor of hours curled up on the den floor watching Sunday football and warding off a cold and rainy afternoon.

I'm savoring every weeknight dinner. Every simple errand. Every routine task. These are the things that beg to be seen for the memories of these ordinary moments are the ones that reinforce why I love life with this man of mine.


Yes, these are the days of seeing. The breathtakingly beautiful and humbling days of seeing.